Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Call Of Duty 5 Under Development

Fudzilla have some infos regarding the 5th sequel in the series of Call of Duty.After Activision's massive success with Call of Duty 4, it's clear that the fifth sequel is on its way. American magazine EGM reports that Call of Duty 5 is heavily under development, and the setting should once again be WWII.

EGM guys made that conclusion after finding out that the game is being developed by a new software team. Instead of Infinity Ward, this time the software team behind the game will be Treyarch, the team that worked on CoD 3 XboX 360 version, and those guys just love WWII.

Whether these rumors are true or not, we'll find out in the following weeks. Still, if the 5th sequel lives up to its predecessors, we won't mind blasting more Nazis.

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