Tuesday, January 8, 2008

CES 2008: Creative Zen Stone/Plus Just Got Built-in Speakers

The Zen Stone and Zen Stone Plus will now be equipped with built-in speakers -as announced by Creative at CES 2008.

The new models are priced relatively well, with the 2GB Zen Stone retailing for $49.99, and the Zen Stone Plus for $59.99. They'll sport new metallic colors in shades of Black, Pink, Blue, and Champagne. They will also come packaged with a silicone case with a clip. Battery life has also been doubled, from 10 hours (9.5 hours for Stone Plus) to 20 hours for both models. That's quite impressive for such a small player. The downside? It's size. The thickness of the Stone is increasing from 12.8mm's to a whopping 16mm!


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