Friday, May 25, 2007

Gmail Doubles Maximum Attachment Size to 20 MB

Gmail one of the best and the most preferred as well as the most reliable mail portal have broke the limit on the size of attachments.They have increased the attachment size level from earlier 10 MB to 20 MB in one message.

Now one can send or recieve e-mail attachments of size upto 20 MB.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Make Money by reading SMS

Hi, pays you to read ads on your cellphone! These ads are only about your interests.
Not only that, you get to decide when you want these ads.

Based on my calculations I can easily make enough money to free up my cell phone bill.
Check it out...

See how much you can make. Have fun calculating...and sign up.
You will like it...

If you are not believing it then believe it or see "Times Of India" dated 23rd May 07 in the business section.

It's just started on 19th April 2007.So hold your breathe and wait for the full launch of the program.The idea has the potential as mobile is much more popular and easily accesible than internet in India.What it need is more number of registered users and more number of Advertisers.So for users who want to pay their mobile bills alone please sign up through the above link and for adevrtisers please contact

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Download Videos from You Tube

We often require to download some videos which are really worth of seeing and for many it may become a headache who doesn't have Net connection or having Dial-up connection.
So one can download videos from You tube by many process available on the net.But I will show you one of the easiest way to do so.

Process #1: Through FireFox Add-on called Video Downloader

Download the add-on from here.

After downloading it restart your browser and u will notice a small icon on the status bar at the bottom of your FireFox window, and a toolbar button. Just click that and download the video you are watching !

Process #2: Copying the video link

Just copy the You Tube video link and paste it in the box given in the site and press ENTER.It will provide u a download link.

For both the process the downloaded file will have .flv extension which can be played with FLV Player or else when saving the file save it as"name.avi" with quotation.Another way is that after downloading the file rename it as name.avi.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Hide one file into another

Today we need many files to be hidden or don't want other users to view here is a simple trick through which u can save one format of file into another.To be precise here it is only described how to hide a .pdf file into a simple looking .JPEG file.

Follow this process ::::

Step 1: You will need two files - the file you want to hide and one jpg image - it can be of any size or dimensions.Then add it to RAR archieve by right clicking on the file to be hidden and then "Add to archieve " option or alternatively ZIP it if not using WinRAR.

Step 2: Copy the above two files to the C: (or anyother location preferred by you) folder and open the command prompt window.

Step 3: Move to the c: root(or the location where the two files are present) by typing cd \

Step 4: The most important step - type the following command:

copy /b image.jpg + filetohide.rar my_new_image.jpg

You will get the message::::image.jpg
1 file(s) copied.

To recover the original file, just open the WinRAR and locate the new image file here it is my_new_image.jpg or in simple extract the image file with WinRAR.

Here we illustrated with an pdf file as that works with simple renaming. If you want to apply this technique to other file formats like XLS, DOC, PPT, AVI, WMV, WAV, SWF, etc, you may have to first compress them in RAR or ZIP format before executing the copy /b DOS command.
That's it - No advanced Steganography tricks involved here. Just be sure to write the correct syntax of the copy command:

copy /b sourceimage.jpg + filetohide.rar targetimage.jpg

So start hiding your files from your father or from your friends.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chelsea beat Man United in FA Cup final

Didier Drogba scored an extra-time winner to give Chelsea a 1-0 victory over league champions Manchester United in the first FA Cup final at the new Wembley Stadium on Saturday.

The Ivorian striker scooped the ball past United keeper Edwin van der Sar in the 116th minute of a dour encounter that looked destined for penalties in front of a near 90,000 crowd.

Drogba's 33rd goal of the season denied United a Premier League and FA Cup double and gave Chelsea a second trophy after February's League Cup success against Arsenal in Cardiff.

It will also lift a club after a season in which injuries and speculation about the future of manager Jose Mourinho had dogged their attempts to win a third consecutive league title.


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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Trick to change ADMIN password

Hi All,

I have come across a super cool trick to change the password of any user including the ADMIN.....Now if u wanna hack into their account here is the procedure to do it without even having to know their  passwords.....

1) Go to command prompt and enter the command net user.
The above command basically outputs you all the accounts which the operating system(Windows) is currently holding.

2) Then try this command ---> net user 'username' *

For eg: if the username is kunal....then the command will be as follows ---> net user kunal *

3)As soon as you run the above command by hitting will be asked to enter a new password for the above mentioned user ....

enter the new password....hit enter.....
again confirm the new password and hit enter....

4) Thats it, you are have successfully changed the password of the user without even knowing his/her earlier password and all...

Keep Enjoying.....

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Orkut Hacks----All in One

These are some oukut hacks that i compiled from various sources. I tried some of these and they work. If you want to share some more hacks, please feel free to comment on this post.

The hacks 1 to 5 are sourced from

1. Changing Orkut Background

If you use firefox you can change the orkut backgroung by using the greasemonkey firefox extension. First install greasemonkey from here and then install Bluekut hack from here

2. Orkut Cute

Orkut cute is a program that let you send scraps to all your friends in orkut. It also alerts you when you receive new scraps send notifications when forums are updated. Orkut cute can be downloaded here.

3. Sorkut Firefox Extension

This is a toolbar to search for the threads with specific words in the title. Just give the commumity id of the community you want to search, enter the search term and click Search.

Sorkut can be downloaded from here.

4. Scraboy

This is a freeware program that let you browse orkut and know when you or your friends receive new scraps. You can add emoticons, colour and formatting to your scraps with ease. Sending scraps from your desktop is also as easy as writing an instant message. Scrapboy can be downloaded from here.

5. Orkut Scrap Helper

This is a cool firefox extension that let you scrap faster by providing messaging options in your own scrapbook page. It also reduces the number of steps to scrap someone who has scrapped you to just one!. Scrap helper can be downloaded from here.

6. Scrapbook Flooding

An Indian dude named Rahul created this Firefox extension for Orkut scrapbook flooding. The extension is compatible with Firefox1.5+ and can be downloaded from here.

7. Javascript Hacks

There are some Javascript hacks for Orkut. Like, for flooding scrapbook, Increasing number of fans, testimonial flodding, Invisible names, blank scraps, etc. Some of them do work.
A good compilation can be found here.

Try at your own risk.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Microsoft Bans Mac Users from Office 2007

Microsoft has further banned Mac users from accessing the new file formats integrated into the 2007 Office System. In the context of building Office 2008 for Mac, Microsoft has traded-off the file converters for Office 2004. According to the Redmond Company, delaying the Open XML support for Office 2004 for Mac was a necessary step designed to ensure that the upcoming version of the Microsoft productivity suite for the Mac platform will ship according to plans. In the meantime, Office 2004 users will have to exercise their patience when it comes to managing Open XML on a Mac.

Microsoft has failed to provide the actual date when it plans to make available the final release of the Open XML converters for Mac. The company only pointed to a six to eight weeks period following the initial availability of Office 2008 for Mac. And as for Office 2008, the productivity suite is also planned for release in an ambiguous second half of 2007.

Microsoft's perspective in this case is simple. Office 2008 is a bigger fish to fry, and as such, it will receive all the focus, while the converters have been thrown into the background. Microsoft did reveal that a beta standalone converter will be delivered with limited functionality. The converter program is designed to enable Office Mac users to convert Word 2007's .docx files in the Rich Text Format, or RTF. As RTF is a format supported by both Mac OS X and Windows versions of Office, users will be able to access their documents across platforms.

The intermediary solution provided by the Redmond Company comes to replace the actual converters that Microsoft promised for the spring of 2007. And since the intermediary converter works only with Word, Microsoft plans to make available similar solutions for Excel and PowerPoint by summer. "We had to make some choices," explained Amanda Lefebvre, Marketing Manager in Microsoft's Mac business unit. "We are continuing to focus our development on the completion of Office 2008."


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Make your XP super fast !!!!!

This is one of the many Registry tricks, which can be applied without any problem or doubt and I believe these tricks will surely help in increasing the performance of ur windows. Just copy paste following code in Notepad and save the file with any name but the extension of the file must be .REG, and after that run the file:

Better if you downlaod the file from here.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


ContextMenuHandlers\Copy To]

ContextMenuHandlers\Move To]

@="Command &Prompt Here"

@="%windir%\\System32\\cmd.exe /k cd \"%1\""

@="Command &Prompt Here"

@="%windir%\\System32\\cmd.exe /k cd \"%1\""




[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]




NOTE:Before applying any changes in the registry always do a system restore or back up your complete registy.
(Backing up your registry------Run-->regedit-->click on computer(leftpane)-->File-->Export-->give a Name -->Save)

If you didn't like the changes after appying the registry tweak...then double click on the backed up registry file and everything reverts back to original as it was.


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Social Networking sites----Future of E-freindship

“………….did you said that you don’t know about Orkut or MySpace? Or I have not heard properly. “

This is really a question if asked among the teenagers, they will think we are not living in a modern world and that we are not well informed about the latest happenings in the virtual world i.e. Internet. Social Networking is the next big thing among the teenagers which is really very HOT to handle. Such sites lure teenagers towards them because of the features they provide to their users right from searching and adding new as well as existing friends, uploading pictures and video files and many other things. With the growing popularity of such sites many huge investors are investing towards them. But the question remains ----- What is the future of such sites? Will they perish? Or they’re here to stay.

So guys what do you think about these sites such as Orkut,Myspace....the list is never ending...? Give your valuable comments.........

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