Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NVIDIA To Launch MCP7A In April,MCP7C In August

Sources at motherboard makers reveal NVIDIA will release the MCP7A and MCP7C in April and August, respectively. Both chipsets feature integrated graphics and are designed for the Intel platform.

Two MCP7A will arrive in April in two flavors: the MCP7A-U and MCP7A-S. Both chipsets support Intel's 1333MHz FSB processors, dual-channel memory, DX10, Hybrid SLI, HDMI, DVI, HDCP and PureVideo HD. Motherboards based on the MCP7A-U will cost about $80 and boards based on the MCP7A-S will cost $70 to $75.

The MCP7A series will compete against the Intel G45 chipset, which is expected in Q2 2008. In August we can expect the MCP7C, this chipset will support 1333MHz processors but will only support single-channel DDR2 800MHz memory. Motherboards based on this chipset will sell for about $60-65 and will feature HDMI, DVI, HDCP and PureVideo HD.

Additionally, there's also the MCP7A-H which doesn't have integrated graphics. That chipset will have a single-channel memory controller for DDR2 800MHz memory and support for 1333MHz FSB processors.


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