Friday, December 28, 2007

Intel Dual Core Celeron Listed

Dual core Celeron has arrived. It will cost around €50, it is based on Allandale dual core stepping M0 and it will work with SSE2 and 3 and supports Intel 64 and XD bit.

The E1200 works at 2x1.6GHz, has 800MHz FSB and 512KB shared cache memory. This is still 65nm CPU with 65W TDP, but we are sure it will overclock well as it doesn’t look much different from its successful E2140 brother.

The biggest challenge for this CPU is the dual core E2140 that works at the same speed and has the same core with 1MB cache is available today for €47.24.

You can pre order one here and it should show arrive in the first days of January.


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