Friday, December 28, 2007

Nvidia MCP72 Chipset Delayed Till Jan'08

Nvidia originally planned to roll out the new MCP72 chipset in late November or early December but will now postpone shipping to January, along with the planned launch of its MCP78, according to sources at Taiwan motherboard makers.

The sources detailed that Nvidia will introduce the new nForce 700a chipset family for AMD platforms, which includes MCP72XE, MCP72P and MCP78H in January, in attempts to compete with AMD's rival RD790 chipset.

Around the same time as the launch of the MCP72 family, Nvidia will also introduce the new MCP78S which includes a GeForce 8 series-based IGP, the sources added.

Following these launches, Nvidia is expected to introduce two new MCP78 chipsets, the MCP78D and MCP78U (GeForce 9200), in February. The MCP78D will not support hybrid SLI technology and will target the entry-level market with a price tag of about US$55. The chipset is similar to the MCP78S but adds an IGP. The MCP78U is an IGP enabled version of the MCP78H and carries an expected price tag of US$78, the sources detailed.

Nvidia declined the opportunity to respond to this report saying it cannot comment on unannounced products.


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