Friday, December 28, 2007

First Review of G92 Core 8800GS

According to NVIDIA, G92 core 8800GS just aims to the OEM market. But it is said that the AICs have their own plans. GeForce 8800GS 384MB will be $149-179 and it will replace GeForce 8600GTS. GeForce 8800GS built in 6 groups and 96 Streaming Processors in total, each group has 8 Texture Filtering Unit and 8 Texture Addressing Unit, the stepping reduced to 12 from 16. It matched 192bit memory controller and 384MB memory, so its HDR and FSAA will not as good as GeForce 8800GT.

Below is the 3DMark05, 06 test. The platform was not so good and the GPU-Z seems cannot display its correct clocks for now. Just for reference.

Check out the complete story here.

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