Thursday, December 20, 2007

RV620 And RV635 To Be Radeon 3x00

ATI will make quite a smart move that will boost sales of its entry level and mid range chips. Since it launched Radeon 38x0 series it slowed down the sales of 2600 and 2400 cards but it has a solution for it.

As people usually buy the cards with higher numbers RV635 will be renamed to Radeon 3x50 probably 3650 while the RV620 the 55 nm version of RV615 will be known as Radeon 3x50, most likely Radeon 3450.

These numbers look much better in the eyes of consumers and the new designation will probably help boost the sales of these chips. Smart but sneaky, what else can we say and it has been rumored that both RV620 and RV635 will get full DirectX 10.1 support and naturally they will consume less power and dissipate less heat due to the 55nm design.


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