Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Pics of HD 3450,HD 3470 And HD 3670

Madboxpc has managed to get their hands on what appears to be the full specifications of and accompanying pictures of the upcoming Radeon HD 3450, 3470 and 3670.

Starting with the HD 3450, in this instance it's a low profile card with a D-sub and DisplayPort connector, it has a core clock of 525MHz with the memory at 400 or 800MHz effectively, it has 256B of DDR2 memory and a 64-bit memory interface. Sadly the reference design incorporates a tiny fan cooler, but hopefully this won't appear on any retail cards.

The HD 3470 is a full size card, although this doesn't seem like it's a requirement, as most of the PCB is empty. What struck us straight away is that this card features CrossFire bridge connectors, while cards we've seen elsewhere don't. The core is clocked at around 600MHz with the memory at 500MHz or 1GHz effectively. These cards will use GDDR3 memory and will be available in 256 and 512MB verities, although still limited by a 64-bit memory interface. The reference card has a DVI, D-sub and TV-out connector.

All cards will use PCIe 2.0 and according to the information here the 3450 should retail for around US$50 with the HD 3470 costing $10 more at $60. Finally the HD 3650 should start at around $100. These cards should be available sometime towards the end of February according to Madboxpc.

You can find the pictures and the original story here.

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