Sunday, December 16, 2007

Radeon's New Series HD3450 and HD 3470

According to the Hybrid CrossFire article over at Hothardware, the upcoming Radeon HD 34x0 series will have two different models at launch, the HD 3450 and the HD 3470, pretty much as expected.

These cards will replace the current Raden HD 2400 Pro and XT cards and will be AMD's new entry level graphics cards. The performance is unlikely going to be anything to write home about, but these cards will be the first products to feature DisplayPort at an affordable price.

The cheapest Radeon HD 3450 cards with DisplayPort are expected to retail from about US$50 which seems quite affordable if you just want to use them to power a high-resolution display and couldn't care less about 3D performance.

You'll have to wait until Q1 next year to buy one of these cards, but it looks like AMD could have a winner here, especially as Dell is shifting over all its displays to DisplayPort next year and if AMD has these card ready early enough, we'd expect Dell to pick up a few of these.

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