Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jobs In IT - Present anf Future

How would you feel if the job you've been doing for most of your life just moved offshore without any warning?

What if you just spent several years getting an education for a job that was no longer in high demand?

Now is the time to think specially people in IT Jobs.Looking into the market trends the three position in IT sector are in the driving seat - Computer Systems Analysts,Network And Database Analysts and Software Developers.All these positions require very high skills and so, many recruitment are available for those highly skilled positions which are meant for only those who have some years of experience in the related fields so that the companies can save their funds which would otherwise been invested in training a trainee.There are many online job portal sites available which are dedicated for IT Job Search across the globe.But the present market trend in not in favour of IT sector as the "Monster Employment Index" depicts.

Monster Employment Index - Oct'07

If the present trend continues then people have to think another alternatives.The reason behind this continuous depreciation in the IT jobs is because the companies are moving to countries with English speaking lower cost workers like India and China.So unless the government intervenes, English speaking countries with low labor cost and well educated people will pull high paying jobs out of the United States and Europe.

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