Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Intel Foxhollow Platform Disclosed

DVHardware reports about the Intel Foxhollow entry-level platform which will start sampling in Q3 2008. The Foxhollow platform features a cheap dual-core processor with integrated graphics and uses the single-chip Ibexpeak chipset.

Havendale is a desktop processor while Auburndale will be used in notebooks. Both CPUs are dual-core, with 4MB shared cache, integrated dual-channel DDR3 memory controller and integrated graphics. Intel claims these new integrated graphics will perform ten times better than their current IGP solutions.

The PCH will house things like eight PCIe lanes, support for up to four PCI slots, the Gigabit Ethernet MAC, display interface controllers, I/O controllers, RAID and SATA controllers, USB 2.0 controller etc. This is pretty much what the ICH is doing today bar a few exceptions such as the display interface controller. The reason why this is in the chipset and not in the CPU, is because it has to physically connect to the ports on the motherboard.

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