Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blogsvertise - A Money Machine

Thinking of some online earning alternatives ,then I think I have a solution for you provided you have a blog.This will help you to monetize your blog.You can earn more than $300 per month depending on your blog popularity and other conditions.So try out can earn while sitting in front of your computer by just writing reviews about any product.

Just sign in with as a Blogger and earn cash.After signing in just add the blog for verification and wait for their approval.Once it is approved it is your money machine.You will get tasks from them which ranges from $5-$20 but it can also increase with your increase activity in your blog and depending upon the advertisers.Once you complete the review which is described in the advertiser's task,you have to submit the URL address to them by signing into your blogsvertise account.Wait for the approval from the Admin and as it gets approved you are paid with the amount.

The payment option is through Paypal only.So just be sure that you have a Paypal account ready for that.

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