Monday, November 19, 2007

AMD Releases Phenom 9500 And 9600

AMD has finally released a new generation of processors to combat Intel's Core 2 processors. Additionally, the firm also released the Spider platform which uses Phenom CPUs, Radeon HD 3800 GPUs in CrossFire X and the new 790FX chipset.

AMD’s Spider platform offers a new class of enthusiast platform scalability, with multiple upgrade options to increase performance and boost compatibility with configurations that can deliver an estimated two teraflops of desktop processing power by harnessing four graphics processors. The multi-core design of AMD Phenom quad-core processors, based on Direct Connect Architecture, features an integrated memory controller designed to support memory speeds up to DDR2 1066, 128-bit floating point units and AMD’s Balanced Smart Cache for rapid access to memory, with a shared L3 cache for leading-edge performance on multi-threaded software.

The Phenom 9600 (2.3GHz) and Phenom 9500 (2.2GHz) are priced at $283 and $251, respectively, in 1,000-unit quantities.


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