Monday, May 21, 2007

Hide one file into another

Today we need many files to be hidden or don't want other users to view here is a simple trick through which u can save one format of file into another.To be precise here it is only described how to hide a .pdf file into a simple looking .JPEG file.

Follow this process ::::

Step 1: You will need two files - the file you want to hide and one jpg image - it can be of any size or dimensions.Then add it to RAR archieve by right clicking on the file to be hidden and then "Add to archieve " option or alternatively ZIP it if not using WinRAR.

Step 2: Copy the above two files to the C: (or anyother location preferred by you) folder and open the command prompt window.

Step 3: Move to the c: root(or the location where the two files are present) by typing cd \

Step 4: The most important step - type the following command:

copy /b image.jpg + filetohide.rar my_new_image.jpg

You will get the message::::image.jpg
1 file(s) copied.

To recover the original file, just open the WinRAR and locate the new image file here it is my_new_image.jpg or in simple extract the image file with WinRAR.

Here we illustrated with an pdf file as that works with simple renaming. If you want to apply this technique to other file formats like XLS, DOC, PPT, AVI, WMV, WAV, SWF, etc, you may have to first compress them in RAR or ZIP format before executing the copy /b DOS command.
That's it - No advanced Steganography tricks involved here. Just be sure to write the correct syntax of the copy command:

copy /b sourceimage.jpg + filetohide.rar targetimage.jpg

So start hiding your files from your father or from your friends.

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