Thursday, May 24, 2007

Make Money by reading SMS

Hi, pays you to read ads on your cellphone! These ads are only about your interests.
Not only that, you get to decide when you want these ads.

Based on my calculations I can easily make enough money to free up my cell phone bill.
Check it out...

See how much you can make. Have fun calculating...and sign up.
You will like it...

If you are not believing it then believe it or see "Times Of India" dated 23rd May 07 in the business section.

It's just started on 19th April 2007.So hold your breathe and wait for the full launch of the program.The idea has the potential as mobile is much more popular and easily accesible than internet in India.What it need is more number of registered users and more number of Advertisers.So for users who want to pay their mobile bills alone please sign up through the above link and for adevrtisers please contact

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