Sunday, February 17, 2008

Need For Speed Goes Back To Its Old Days

According to Fudzilla we can expect the next sequel of Need For Speed to be full of excitement for which the series is known i.e action packed racing with police chasing and also tunning the cars to get the maximum performance.

EA Sports officials realized that after their last sequel NFS: Pro Street failed to sell in huge numbers – something they haven’t experienced before. Frank Gibeau, head of EA Sports claims that the reason for that is that these series have, through the years, gone through changes and stepped away from the original concept. Most of all, NFS meant racing and police chasing as well as car tuning that brought pimping your ride to the game.

Frank Gibeau promises that NFS 12 will go back to its roots, which means we can look forward to seeing the good old NFS in its full glory. That in turn means that the 12th sequel is already in development, although Gibeau refused to share more details including the release date.

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