Friday, February 1, 2008

Microsoft Confirms DirectX 10.1 in Service pack 1

Microsoft now officially talks that DirectX 10.1 is the integrated part of DirectX 10.1.

The new API will enable new hardware features and according to Microsoft Service pack 1 “Adds support for Direct3D® 10.1, an update to Direct3D 10 that extends the API to support new hardware features, enabling 3D application and game developers to make more complete and efficient use of the upcoming generations of graphics hardware.” I am sure that Nvidia doesn’t likes the sound of it as it doesn’t have a support for DirectX 10.1.

The second release candidate dated 13th of January is already out and he adds a DirectX 10.1 support but currently, there are no much applications that can get the benefits of DirectX 10.1. We are sure that ATI’s demo team works hard to make some.

Service pack 1 for Vista is still scheduled for Q1 so we should see it hopefully before the last days of March as it should speed up a few things, while fixing some known bugs.


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