Monday, February 4, 2008

Intel X48 Chipset Launch Slipped Down To March

Suffering a similar fate as the 45nm quad-core processors, the X48 chipset has slipped from an early Q1 release all the way to March, the last month of the first quarter. Although both the chip and the CPUs have been slated for Q1 and no concrete release has been announced they were supposed to arrive, although in small numbers, as soon as the end of January, a target that has been obviously missed.

Whatever the reason, though we suspect the delay of the 3.2 GHz QX9770 to have something to do with this, the 1600 MHz FSB-supporting X48 and motherboards equipped with it will be arriving in March, likely in time to counter Nvidia's nForce 790i products. The bright side is that we get more time to save money for either one.


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