Friday, February 1, 2008

Halo Wars For PC

Fudzilla published that there may be something for the PC gamer to cheer for,as Halo Wars can go PC.

The Angry Pixel claims that there’s a real possibility that Halo Wars will, besides XboX version, find its way to your PC. The Angry Pixel cites their anonymous source from Microsoft.

If these rumors have any truth, then XboX gamers will get a chance to test their skills versus PC gamers, through XboX Live service. This system is called Cross-Platform Gaming, and Halo Wars wouldn’t be the first game to support it. A game called Universe At War will indicate whether this system functions in strategy games.

Official confirmation is nowhere to be seen, but that might change as we’re getting closer to Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on the 18th-22nd of February.

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