Sunday, January 13, 2008

War Declared Against BitTorrent, P2P

Private BitTorrent tracker Feedthe.Net was recently attacked by a group of hackers claiming to be members of the underground release ‘Scene.’ The group released a text file containing intimate personal details about one of the site’s administrators, Brandon Taylor.

The text file – called an NFO file – was signed by “CELLKiLL,” with a subtitle that describes the group as “Destroying the P2Ps, One Step at a Time.”

According to TorrentFreak, FeedThe.Net is the second such BitTorrent tracker to fall prey to CELLKiLL’s vendetta. Late last year, SuperTorrents and its administrator Ersan suffered grievous security breaches, with the attack culminating in a lengthy NFO describing the site’s security systems as well as the theft of $2,000 from the site’s PayPal account.

The NFO file closed with a warning, stating that there are more attacks yet to come: “We have yet again erased another torrent admin from existence. Other Groups (sic), do your part to make the scene what it was in the beginning. Secure.”


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