Monday, January 14, 2008

Some Details Of GeForce 9500GT

Tom's hardware Taiwan has managed to score some detailed information about the upcoming GeForce 9500 GT from Nvidia and it doesn't look as promising as its 9600 GT sibling.

The GPU itself seems to be going under the G96-300 name and it's using the P616 refence PCB. The card they looked at had the GPU clocked at 650MHz with the Shaders at 1,650MHz.

The refence cards come with 256MB of 128-bit DDR2 memory and we can understand why Nvidia went down this route, as DDR2 graphics memory is currently selling for less than cost from some manufacturers. The memory is clocked at 900MHz on the refence cards, but this doesn't mean that this is what we'll see on final production models. We'd also expect the memory type to be changed on some higher-end 9500 GT cards.

You can find a picture of the GPU as well as some additonal information in Chinese here.


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