Friday, January 4, 2008

NVIDIA 8800 GS : A Strong Contender Against ATI's 3850 Series

Expreview has got their hands on a production 8800 GS card which by any means looks to be a stripped down G80-series GPU although it's branded as the G92-150 and it's manufactured at 65nm. It has a 192-bit memory interface, 12 ROPs and 96 Stream processors compared to a 256-bit memory interface 16 ROPs and 112 Stream processors for the 8800 GT.

The 384MB card on test is clocked at 575MHz for the core, 1,438MHz for the Shaders and 1,700MHz for the memory. This is somewhat slower than the 8800 GT that it was put up against which was clocked at stock speeds. However, the 768MB versions of these cards should be clocked faster than the 8800 GT, but features the same amount of Stream processors and ROPs.

On average the 8800 GS 384MB was 20-30 percent slower than the 8800 GT 512MB card it was put up against, but if it'll be priced right, it looks as if AMD's 3850 series just got a fierce contender, especially as Expreview is quoting prices of US$165 for the 384MB version and US$204 for the 768MB version.


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