Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No Windows 7 In 2009,Microsoft Claims

TC Magazine published that we have to wait till 2011 for Windows 7 and there's no escaping Windows Vista till then.

The hopes and dream of millions of people have been shattered as Microsoft has denied recent claims that the next Windows OS (operating system) will be released as soon as next year. The story was that the Reddish Ringer of swift console death has stepped up the development schedule of Windows 7 and that it could be released as soon as the second half of 2009.

Although people are waving Windows 7 M1 screenshots around, the upcoming OS is claimed to still be in the early stages of development and with a build time of (at least) three years the 2009 deadline will not be met. A safer bet would put Windows 7's release around 2011. To be on the sure side though we might have to wait until 2012. There's no escaping Vista.

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Anonymous said...

Source ????????

shyam_rocks said...

Well the source is already given....

its from TC magazine..u can just click of the link..at the start of the post..

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