Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Creative Zen V Video Listed on Support Site

Apparently, some Creative fans have begun to speculate that a new iteration of the company's Zen V might be making an appearance, due to a listing on its site for a product called the "ZEN V Video." The link won't take you anywhere substantial (in fact, all you get is an error when you try to download anything related to the entry), but it does suggest that the company has plans to introduce a more video-centric version of its popular player. Since we've seen some dubious (i.e., fake) Creative video players lately, we're not going to get too excited just yet -- but feel free to draw your own, wildly imaginative conclusions.

Creative Website Link

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1 comment:

Harlequin said...

I've landed two of these as 'refurbished' stock from Creative.
I think they're dropping the Zen V range, ad just dumping stock as refurb

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