Saturday, January 26, 2008

Max Web Directory : A Free Web Directory

Searching for some information or a web directory then just type in and you will have an access to a free online web directory.

MaxWebdirectory is human edited free web directory with various categories and subcategories.Here you can also submit your links which you think can be useful for others.And all this for free.

This tool would prove useful for both who are searching for informations and resources about any topic and also for website owners.Their directory may be a good solution for website owners when they seek to improve their link popularity and increase their traffic and it helps others to have that resource for themselves.So it is a good sharing platform of knowledge and resources on the web.

For new webmasters who want to increase their link popularity or want good and targeted traffic to their new websites,then it is a solution for their problems.

"By submitting your website you get a direct link from one of our inner pages, chossen by you. Your listing consists in your website's title, URL and description. After a few closer looks we decide to include or not your website in our web directory."

If you run a website on various or broad niches then you can submit your website to as many directories as you can whichever is applicable to it.The submission process is the easiest ever: just browse untill you found the best category for your website, then you'll see the "Suggest Link" button.Just type in the link and you are done.

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