Thursday, January 17, 2008

Intel GMA X4500HD,X4500 And 4500 ,Quick Comparison

VR-Zone has published some more information about the next product line up of Intel Chipset.

Intel plans to launch the G45 and G43 Express chipsets in Q2 '08 and a value G41 chipset in Q1 '09. Intel G45 chipset supports up to DDR3-1333 and 4 DIMM slots/16GB max memory while G43 and G41 only supports up DDR3-1066 and 2 DIMM slots/8GB max memory. The G45 chipset comes with X4500HD GMA while the G43 comes with X4500 GMA and G41 with 4500 GMA. X4500HD GMA offers additional feature over the G43/G41 with the support of full HW decode/acceleration of MPEG2/VC1/VC for smooth HD-DVD/Blu-Ray playback experience. Intel is targeting a 3X 3DMark06 performance boost over the G33 and 1.7X over G35 chipsets. All GMA 4500 series support DX10, integrated HDCP/PAVP, integrated HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort (G41 has no HDMI). Intel Q45 and Q41 for the corporate platforms in Q3 '08 too comes with X4500 GMA but have additional features such as AMT and Danbury Technology.

Here's a quick comparison of the upcoming chipsets from Intel.

Intel Chipset comparison

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