Friday, January 4, 2008

Hitachi's Two New 500GB 2.5'' HDD ,5K500 And E5K500

According to Engadget Hitachi has announced two new 500GB 2.5 inch hard drives, the 5K500 and the E5K500.

Even if it is a great success but there's one downside to this.This jump in storage didn't come from advancements in storage technology -- it came from Hitachi cramming another platter onto the stack. More platters equal more thickness, and the 5K500 and E5K500 are 3mm thicker than your industry-standard 9.5mm thick 2.5-inch drive. In other words, Hitachi copped out in the race to 500GB and created a non-standard sized drive that more than likely won't fit in your laptop or external enclosure.

They will start at a price tag of $400 (the E5K500 will likely cost a bit more, it's the enterprise drive with bulk data encryption and is rated for 24/7 access) and will be available in February.

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