Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Future of Alan Wake's DX10 Support Is Still In Dark

FudZilla got some interesting infos about the most talked game title Alan Wake and its DirectX 10 version.Here's what they got from:

Besides the usual "We haven't announced anything on this yet" when asked about DirectX 10 support, they managed to find out that the upcoming game from Remedy Entertainment called Alan Wake will benefit from quad-core processors. According to the interview, "quad's" will be up to 30 percent faster than dual core processors. Besides the last years blow dealt by Microsoft concerning the fact that Alan Wake is not a 2007 title, another hard punch was aimed at XP users, when it was said that it is best to consider Alan Wake to be a Vista exclusive game.

According to the interview, the so called "The Alan Wake engine" will use the Havok physics engine. When asked about multi-GPU solutions, Markus Maki made an interesting statement that they will "much rather put [their] development efforts to make sure [that] the game runs great on most gamers' systems, those with single GPUs."

As for now, the game will be available for Xbox360 and PC. You can check out the full interview here.

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