Monday, December 24, 2007

TwinMOS Mobile Disk X1 USB Stick Unveiled

TwinMOS released a new 8GB USB stick with a 360° swivel cap design.

The Mobile Disk X1 is miniature, lightweight and convenient for mobility. Its 360° revolving metal cap with reflective surface has revolutionized the plastic shell design of conventional USB disks. This state of art design eliminate the conventional problem for user to misplace the cap. The pure white X1 presents a metallic feeling and refined characteristic in a simple perfection of artwork.

In addition to its aesthetic design, the X1 delivers a series of practical features. For example, the hook on the metal cap is designed for consumers to turn the X1 into a pendant or decoration. Therefore, consumers can attach the X1 to a necklace, an accessory, a key ring, a mobile phone strap, or any personal belongings. This provide a complete mobility for data carriage. To facilitate users on the working status of X1, its built-in LED shows accurate indication during data transmission or it is activation.


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