Sunday, December 23, 2007

Motorola To Launch Next Gen Linux Based Handsets In 2Q 2008

Motorola plans to launch its next-generation Linux-based "Ming" handsets in the second quarter of 2008, with the hand input intelligence handsets to be available in both high-end and entry-level versions, according to market sources. Previously, the Ming was released only in a high-end version.

While Motorola's R&D center in Beijing will continue to handle the development of the high-end version of the new Ming handsets, the US vendor will outsource the production of the new entry-level Ming handsets to the Taiwan-based Inventec Group, according to the sources, who also noted that the new Ming handsets will continue to support the 2.5G standard.

Motorola on December 17 launched its high-end 3.5G RAZR V9 in Taiwan, and the company plans to introduce in Taiwan a Symbian-based ROKR Z8, Windows Mobile-based Q9 and three entry-level models, including the W360 and W213, before the end of this year, according to Bill Chen, general manager of of mobile device business at Motorola Taiwan.

Handsets supporting the 3G standard will account for 50% of all handsets sold in Taiwan in 2008, Chen projected.


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