Saturday, December 29, 2007

Make The Celebration Bigger With Bid4Prizes

It seems that this New Year is catching the momentum of celebration as the days are passing away.And to make this winter a little bit hotter and to earn some free gifts check out b4p i.e Bid4Prizes.This will certainly increase the mercury of excitement and would create a appetite to earn more and more of those prizes.

Bid4Prizes is a site which provides a unique game.As the name suggest that some bidding and prizes are related to this game.And you have guessed right.Bid4Prizes offers a text based reverse-auction game, where the lowest unique bid will win the prize.

Basically it is a game of bidding and in the process of bidding the person who have bid for the lowest as well as the unique i.e the bid should not match with others bidders wins the prize.The game can be played online by just a click of mouse or if you are away from your PC then play this game through your mobile(this facility is only for premium members).Their prizes ranges from Apple's iPhone,HDTV,Designer Bags,SCION XB to Cash Prize.There is a new winner everyday.So try your luck and who knows you could be the luckiest winner for today.

Beside this participants also earn tokens to play the arcade games in which they can win instant prizes.So just take a chance at this Sweepstake.

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