Sunday, December 30, 2007

Get Rid Of Dull Google Talk Interface,Try This !

Bored of that same old interface of Google Talk(GTalk),then there is definitely something to be happy about.

Gplus is an add-on for Google Talk, the instant messaging software by Google.This helps you to get rid some of the boredom.And Look below to find out what Gplus have stored for you.


And I mean real emoticons not just :). Gplus allows you to enhance your chatting experience by allowing you to express various emotions through the familiar emoticons common to all major chat agents but missing, until now, from Google Talk. Gplus, of course, supports animated emoticons.


Wanna draw more attention from the person you're chatting with....You need to make a little noise, express what you feel in sound...Gplus let's you chose from a bank of sounds that you can send just like you would send text or smileys. Simply open up the sound menu and chose from the list...from church bells to south park sound bites...try it.

Chat logs

Gplus allows you to log your chats locally and view them later. Conversations are logged in the html format and can be viewed using your web browser or the chat log viewer that comes with Gplus.

Text Formatting

Gplus allows you to add color to your text messages by giving you the ability to use text formatting such as bold, italic, etc...

And many more features are included and many more will be udpated soon.


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