Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dual Core Celeron Series To Launch In January

Intel will release its first desktop dual-core Celeron series, E1000, on January 20, according to sources at motherboard makers.

The first dual-core Celeron processor, the E1200, will have core frequency of 1.6GHz, 800MHz FSB and 512KB L2 cache with a price of US$53 in thousand-unit quantities.

On the same day, Intel will also launch three quad-core (Yorkfield) CPUs, the Q9300, Q9450 and Q9550 and another four dual-core (Wolfdale) CPUs, the E8190, E8200, E8400 and E8500 for desktops, the motherboard makers added.

Intel also plans to introduce a 45nm product for its Core 2 Due E4000 series featuring 1066MHz FSB, 3MB L2 cache and a 65W TDP, however the model number is not yet finalized.

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