Tuesday, December 11, 2007

AMD's 45nm In 2008 To Compete With Intel

If you watch Smallville you know what 33.3 is, and if you don't, then K10.5 is the new codename for AMD's K10 manufactured at 45 nanometer.

Anyway, the primary goal that AMD has for 2008 is to switch to 45 nanometers as soon as possible. The new K10.5 will produce a faster cache latency, as well as improved imc, and these were exactly the weak points of the K10.

Both the B2 and B3 revision of the K10 would benefit a lot from a faster cache latency and an improved imc. AMD hopes to give the Yorkfield processors a run for their money with this improved core.

Let’s hope to see K10.5 around Computex, at the latest.


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