Monday, December 17, 2007

AMD Slashes Phenom Prices

AMD is cutting Phenom prices in an effort to make it more competitive against Intel's quad core CPUs. The cheapest Phenom 9500 clocked at 2.2GHz now sells for €181, down 10 percent from last week's €199 euro. Thanks to the price cut, the new Phenom is now the cheapest quad core on the market, as Intel's Q6600 retails at around €200.

The 9600 price is unchanged, it's still selling for just over €220 and we're expecting a price cut sometime this week. The 9600 Black Edition is coming too, and we'll probably know the exact prices for both 9600 CPUs later today.

This might be the start of limited price war, although you shouldn't expect anything spectacular. Quad core CPUs dropping under €200 is good news for all consumers.


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