Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sony to Throw in a New PS2 at $99!

So, the PlayStation 2 has been around 7 now, has it...? That's more than enough for any video games console, but not for the PlayStation 2. No sir, Sony is throwing it back into the fight with a revamped model and a cheaper one at that - just $99, bringing it to £75 or "maybe" even lower, according to However, Sony refused to comment on the news.

According to MCV, "new low-price 'compact' PS2 to arrive in 2008" has a "built-in power supply for the first time in the console’s
history – allowing the platform holder to manufacture it more economically and sell it at the bargain price." Now wait just a minute here? The first time in the PS2's history, or the first time in the Slim PS2's history? The original PlayStation 2 actually comes with a built-in power adapter. Well, did come, anyway
"MCV can exclusively reveal that this ‘compact’ PS2 will hit the US at just $99 in the New Year – a reduction of $30 from its current selling price of $129," says the piece. "PS2 this week celebrated its seventh anniversary, during which time it has sold over 120 million units worldwide. Yet this cut demonstrates Sony’s belief that the system’s market is far from exhausted."

But yes, the Slim PS2 did originally arrive on the market with some extra ballast, so to speak, and it remained so up until now. What I can't understand is how on Earth were they able to reduce the PS2's size so much. Just take a look at the image to the left (click to enlarge). #1 is the original PS2, #2 is the PS2 Slim with the adapter outside of the machine's black case and hanging around, while the third is how the new PS2 should look, except for the missing AV cable and power cord of course, which don't appear in the image.

Well, don't think for a minute it's not true or anything like that. The PS2 still has an adapter inside, a smaller one perhaps. However, it should bring the console's weight back up considerably, but hey, it's not a handheld …so as long as it stays at its current size, weight doesn't matter much. God, are Microsoft and Nintendo going to feel some pain...

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