Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Radeon HD3850/3870 To be Launched Tomorrow

Radeon 3870, or RV670XT, and Radeon 3850 aka RV670PRO, will be launched tomorrow. We can tell you that Revival and Gladiator cards will be out and that you will see the cards with two DVI's, DVI and native HDMI, and later on you will see these cards with DVI + DisplayPort. It's all possible.

The Radeon HD3850 512MB card will score some 20 – 30 percent lower than a Geforce 8800GT 512MB and as we said before it will end up slower.

These two cards are two first DirectX 10.1 cards with support for Shader 4.1 and PCIe 2.0. It is a transistor optimized version of the R600 chip with UVD video processor included and it's manufactured at 55 nanometre.

The odd number of the beast, 666 million transistors, is something that you won’t forget that easily and the board has 320 stream processors, just as much as the original R600. Just as we reported months ago RV670XT aka Radeon 3870 math processing rate ends up at 497+ Gigaflops while 3850 card process 428 Gigaflops.

Tomorrow you will see a lot of reviews on the net and we will have a few, we're working on them as we speak.


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