Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nvidia's G96 Is The Next

Nvidia's biggest problem now is that they don't have a card that can run against the Radeon 3850. This Radeon is significantly faster than any 8600 GTS, as even overclocked cards can't compete and it cost about €150 for the 256MB version.

Nvidia lost this highly profitable market segment to ATI and it won't have a new chip to challenge ATI until March 2008. This is the time when G96 should be born. The G92 based 8800 GT is simply in another league and with prices between €220 and €250 it fights and wins over the HD 3870.

We don’t know many details as yet, just that the chip is coming and we hope that it is finally the time to move away from a 128-bit memory interface and go for the faster but more expensive 256-bit memory interface. The time will tell.


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