Thursday, November 8, 2007

NVIDIA MCP7A Chipset Coming In Q1 2008

In the first quarter of 2008 we can expect an improved version of NVIDIA's MCP73 chipset, OCW reports.

NVIDIA probably knows that MCP73 lacks PureVideo and it's support of Single channel DDR2 is not competitive enough for Intel users to switch to NVIDIA based chipset. Thus, they intend to release an upgraded version of MCP73, which will be known as MCP 7A.

MCP7A has 3 editions MCP7A-U. MCP7A-S and MCP7A-H. MCP7A-H is a discrete without video and it supports FSB1333 dual channel DDR2-800. It will also support PCIe 2.0 and comes with PCIe x16 slot.

MCP7A-U and -S comes with integrated video GF8X00. It is unsure what class of GeForce 8 it will be using. It could be in the range of 8400 performance.

It supports DX10, Purevideo HD, HDMI, Displayport, DVI and VGA out. It supports FSB 1333, Dual channel DDR2, PCie 2.0. Other features include SATA2, GbE, 12 USB ports.

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