Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Games Added To XBOX 360 Backward Compatibility

A new compatibility update for the Xbox 360 have been rolled out which increases the total games playable on your new XBOX 360 to 300.

The Holiday comes a little early this year, as the BC team has just issued out another update. The latest backwards compatibility update is now available over Xbox Live.This free update brings the complete list of original Xbox games that you can play on your Xbox 360 to over 300. Remember, your original Xbox games will look better than ever on Xbox 360 running in 720p and 1080i with anti-aliasing.You can also play cross-platform between Xbox 360 and the original Xbox over Xbox Live.

In the meantime, just sign into Xbox LIVE and drop any of the games on this list and you should get a prompt for the update. If you don’t get a prompt, try again later today as the update is just being rolled out. An updated ISO file for you to download is also available on


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