Saturday, November 17, 2007

Intel Adds One More 45nm CPU To E8000 Family

Intel will add one more 45nm desktop processor to its E8000 family in January 2008, according to sources at motherboard makers,DigiTimes reports.

In addition to the E8200, E8400 and E8500 processors of the E8000 family, Intel plans to launch the E8190. The CPU will have a frequency of 2.66GHz, L2 cache of 6MB, and FSB of 1333MHz. It will be priced at US$163 in 1000-unit quantities.

Although E8190's specification is similar to that of the E8200, the CPU does not support virtualization or Trust Execution Technology, and will only focus on the OEM market where it will be slightly cheaper when purchased in large volumes, added the sources.

Intel is also planning to launch the Core 2 Duo E5000 family to replace the previous E4000 family in the entry-level market. The first product from the E5000 family will launch in April next year priced at US$133 in 1000-unit quantities. Specifications are still unknown.

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