Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Expect Intel G35 In December 2007

Intel has pushed its G35 integrated chipset core all the way to December if not even later. Intel originally wanted to release this new integrated DirectX10 chipset in early Q4 2007 but obviously, it skipped its original schedule.

We suspect that G45 gets more attention as G35 is just slightly faster than G33 and many vendors think that it come a little bit too late. Obviously, G45 graphics got more engineering priority, as this is Intel’s bit IGP thing for middle 2008.

Asus is working of their board and it is already listed at few places but we heard that no one should have any G35 based integrated boards until late 2007. Late December or early 2008 is the new launch date now.

AMD and Nvidia still don't have a DirectX 10 integrated graphics core, this is scheduled for 2008 so Intel is not that much late.


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