Tuesday, November 20, 2007

AMD's AM3 With DDR3 Debuts In 2009

At the last AMD’s event in Warsaw, AMD has promised us the Stars, at least two of them in the next two years.

The current Star is AMDs platform and it will be able to cope with AM2+ CPUs. It supports DDR2 from 400 to 1066, it also supports both 45 and 65 nanometre CPUs with dual power processing lanes, the VID’s are serial and parallel and the diode does the thermal monitor.

The socket and the platform can provide up to 110W to a CPU and an additional 20W to Northbridge.

Another Star, that I’ve mentioned more than a year ago, will sit in socket AM3 and it supports Hypertransport 3. It supports DDR3 1333, dual processor power planes and serial VIDs. It is scheduled for 1H 2009.

It has a new thermal monitor and calls it Thermal sence interface (TSI) and just as AM2+ based Stars it might need a 8 Mbit bios. It will have the same maximum power delivery.


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