Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sony Introduces HDMS-S1D, An 80GB Digital Album

Sony appears to be making a consumer-server play, introducing the $400 80GB HDMS-S1D "photo album" for the high-def enjoyment of up to 50,000 still images. You can import photos via Memory Stick slot—but also SD, CF and xD! (Way to go, Sony!) You can connect the HDMS-S1D to your TV via HDMI, and navigate slideshows using its remote control. It has a CD/DVD burner for getting and saving shots. We also see an Ethernet port, so we're going to assume there's at least some way to push photos to it from your PC (or Mac?).

In addition to letting you edit, rotate, delete and group photos on screen, there are also some unique automated features:
• x-Pict Story HD automatically builds "professional quality" slideshows
• Face detection technology locates faces and frames slideshow transitions around faces
• x-ScrapBook sets photos in templates, using face detection and event-clustering for sharp layouts

More Details

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