Friday, September 14, 2007

Microsoft Offers $59.95 Office Ultimate 2007 to Students


When it comes to productivity suites, Microsoft's long-running Office almost always gets top billing. Sure, there are alternatives like OpenOffice and StarOffice available to consumers, but Office sets the standard.

One area where Microsoft hasn't always been competitive with Office, however, is with pricing. While OpenOffice and StarOffice (most recently) are available for free, Office 2007 can get a bit pricey when you start piling on applications.

Pricing ranges from $149 for Microsoft Office Home and Student to $679 for Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 ($539 Upgrade).But now college students can get Microsoft Office Ultimate for only $59.95.

Microsoft has decided to take it a bit easy on college students with "The Ultimate Steal" promotion. Although many college universities offer steeply discounted versions of Microsoft software, this new promotion is direct from Microsoft to students.

College students with a valid university ".edu" email address, are enrolled in at 0.5 hours of coursework and can provide documentation of enrollment can purchase Office Ultimate 2007 for a mere $59.95.

Students can download the software direct from Microsoft or have a DVD shipped out for a fee.


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