Sunday, September 2, 2007

Give Firefox A Aero Look.

Give Mozilla Firefox a fresh look with Windows Vista Aero interface.

Its really looks amazing and cool.So I would say just try out this.
Just go to the Mozilla Firefox official Website and click on the Add Ons and then on themes.

There you will find many wonderful themes which will change the look and feel of the firefox.For this part only download the Vista Aero theme.

Note:People using other than Firefox i.e Opera or IE, just download and save it anywhere you like.It will be saved as .JAR file.To install the theme follow this process:

STEP#1:Open Firefox--->Tools--->Add-ons---->Themes

STEP#2:Open the folder where you have downloaded the Theme(.jar file).Now just drag and drop it in the Theme pane of the firefox above.

STEP#3:It will ask you to install and then restart the Firefox to get a fresh look.

It is applicable to other themes also.So just experiment with the freshness.

Direct Download link of the Vista Aero Theme

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Anonymous said...

thanks for info....great

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