Tuesday, September 4, 2007

DDR2 Is Out .......DDR3 Is In

Days are over for DDR2 memory to rule over the market.Now it comes the DDR3 to rule the market with faster speed and better capabilities in terms of overclocking the machine.

Are you still battling with DDR2 which runs @533 MHz or 667 MHz or maximum 800 MHz.Then please hold your breathe because DDR3 memory modules runs at a whopping frequency range of 1066 Mhz to 1800 Mhz.

Vendors such as Corsair and OCZ try to release faster and better products as quickly as possible. While we are looking at decent availability of DDR3-1333 products and DDR3-1600 is being introduced by more and more memory companies, the two arch-rivals are already battling at DDR3-1800 speeds.

Next-generation chipsets with support for additional memory multipliers will help to move high-speed DDR3 into the mainstream, because you will be able to simply set your motherboard to run the memory at, for example, DDR3-1600. This is something every user will be able to do. Current high-speed DDR3 memory doesn't have any benefit when installed into computers running at stock speeds. Instead, it is meant to avoid the main memory becoming a bottleneck in highly overclocked scenarios. It is meant to increase the Front Side Bus and processor clock speed without being forced to slow down the memory in order for the system to remain stable.

For a complete review and benchmarks Click Here

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