Friday, August 17, 2007

Intel® Chopper --- The Gen-X Chopper

Intel and Orange County Choppers* (OCC) Teamed up and creted one of the meanest bikes ever built.

The Intel Chopper

Intel technology has transformed the bold, radical designs envisioned by the Teutuls and Orange County Choppers* (OCC) into a groundbreaking showcase for some of the world’s most advanced embedded computing technologies.

Like the four cylinders of the chopper’s dual V-Twin motors, Intel® quad-core processors are enabling a new level of performance. Four Intel processing cores create a compute density that is unsurpassed in performance/watt efficiency and stability.

The Chopper’s central management console is controlled through the SwitchBack* PC, the world’s first rugged, ultra-mobile personal computer (UMPC) from Black Diamond Advanced Technology*, an Intel® Communications Alliance (ICA) member, featuring Intel® Celeron® processor platform technology.

Black Diamond Switchback*

PC On-screen Information
The Chopper’s in-vehicle infotainment system is powered by StreetDeck*, an Intel® Communications Alliance (ICA) member that has developed a unique Windows-based multimedia and navigation software system.

But that’s just the beginning. This story is about an incredible collaboration between Intel®, OCC and Black Diamond, and the truly exciting capabilities of today’s embedded technology.

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