Thursday, July 26, 2007

Increase your Broadband speed ---- Part-II

For those using ADSL modem connected to the computer through USB or to a NIC (Network Interface Card) there is a trick to gain more speed. This trick creates a special buffer which handle the interrupts between the NIC and the ADSL modem more precisely.

Recommended on systems having 256 MB of RAM or higher.

Step#1 ::: Identify IRQ for the NIC/USB modem.

Start ----> Run and type msinfo32.exe which will open the System Information Console. Now go to Hardware Resources ----> IRQs. In the right panel, you will see all the hardware along with their IRQs. Look for your NIC's IRQ.

For those using an USB to connect the ADSL modem, the procedure differs.

Right click on My Computer and select Properties. Select the Hardware tab and click on device manager. At the bottom of the list you got Universal Serial Bus controllers. Click on it to expand and there should be at least one USB root hub. Double click on it and go to power management. There you should find the USB ADSL modem along with its IRQ. If it is not located under this USB root hub just get the properties for another until you find it.

Step # 2 ::: Editing the system.ini file.

Start -----> Run and type sysedit.exe.
In the newly appeared window, select the System.ini window. Here locate [386enh] , place the cursor after it and hit enter. A new blank line will be created.
Now type IrqX=4096.
The X represents the IRQ you obtained before for example Irq23=4096.
Go to file menu and save the new configuration. Restart the computer and you are done.

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